SMC 2×16: In Late, Out Early

It’s a case study in world building in a galaxy far, far away.  Chris Naes joins Jordan and Tim again as they discuss when telling too much backstory can be detrimental to your main story.

“They have Podcasting on Malastare. Very fast, very dangerous.” – Not Qui-Gon Jinn

SMC 2×15: The Thrashing Dead

Jordan and Tim are joined by friend of the show and Walking Dead fan, Chris Naes, drummer for the band Thorhammer.  The three discuss the popularity of the zombie apocalypse universe both in comics and in television.

SMC 2×11: The Super Dad Super Show

Recorded at the Maison Taylor, Jordan flies solo on this as he discuss the concept of writing for children, before interviewing his own children, Heidi and Conan.  This episode is sponsored by

SMC 2×10: Duck Season! Rabbit Season! Con Season!

Jordan and Tim discuss their upcoming convention season, and recap experiences from last year.  They highlight things they diid well as well as things they should improve on from a previous episode, to help creators plan on selling their own works at comic conventions.

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SMC 2×08: Maus (Analyzing a Great Work)

Special Guest: Max Tsimerman

In this edition of the Analyzing a Great Work series, the gang find themselves in a dark studio with no power and only the warm glow of a candle to see the pages of Art Spiegelman’s Pulitzer Prize winning graphic novel, Maus.

maus cover

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