SMC Replay 1×09: Our Brony Has a First Name (10/23/13)

The ShowMe Comicast is on hiatus while we work on our new show format following the aftermath of our “Crossroads” episode. During that time we will be replaying some of our best episodes as determined by number of downloads as well as Tim and Jordan’s discretion.

At the end of every “replay” episode, we include a short clip from segments we currently have in production for the New (and Improved?) ShowMe Comicast.

This week we go back to Season 1, Episode 9: “Our Brony Has a First Name”. Originally aired on October 23rd, 2013.

With Special Guest: Tony Heman! In the first installment of the “Out of Their Element” series, Jordan, Tim, and Sam, discuss the culture of Bronies, what makes “Friendship is Magic” special, and the polarizing origin of Derpy Hooves.

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